Land surface temperature

Land surface temperature for Wielkopolska test site

Maps of land surface temperature for both test sites were generated in order to assess conditions of vegetation development throughout the growing season. Two types of satellite data were used for this purpose: Landsat 8 data, which include thermal channel with 100 m spatial resolution and Sentinel-3 data from SLSTR sensor, which deliver temperature information at 1 km resolution. Temperature maps were generated from available images within 2017 and 2018 growing seasons.

Land surface temperature from Sentinel-3

The analysis revealed high temperatures at the beginning of July (July 5), slight decrease at the second part of July (July 21) and again increase of temperature in mid-August (August 17).

Land surface temperature from Landsat 8

The exemplary maps of land surface temperature derived from Landsat 8 data in 2018 growing season for Wielkopolska test site are presented below. They reveal slight temperature differences between April 20 and May 6 and increase of temperature at the beginning of June (June 7).