Vegetation indices

Vegetation indices

Various vegetation indices were derived from Sentinel-2 and Proba-V data in order to assess their usefulness for monitoring vegetation development and for generating biophysical parameters (e.g. Leaf Area Index – LAI):

  • Normalized Difference Vegetation Index – NDVI
  • Normalized Difference Infrared Index – NDII
  • Disease Water Stress Index – DSWI

Therefore,  maps of these indices were generated from Sentinel-2 and Proba-V images. The sequence of S-2 based NDVI images for Wielkopolska test site is presented in order to demonstrate evolution of NDVI through 2016 vegetation season.

NDVI from Sentinel-2

NDVI from Proba-V

NDII from Proba-V

Proba-V – Estimating vegetation development within administrative units

NDVI maps generated from two types of Proba-V images – with 100 m and 1000 m resolution – can be also used for estimating vegetation development within administrative units, in order to make comparisons between particular years. Such a comparison was done using accumulated NDVI (10 – 20 ten-day period); the mean index was generated within each NUTS3 district of Wielkopolskie voivodship for arable land (1000 m data) and for cereals (100 m data).