Leaf Area Index – LAI

Leaf Area Index – LAI for Biebrza test site

Analogous maps were generated for Biebrza test site. They show general LAI increase between May and end of June,  due to vegetation development, but different in 2016 and 2018. In 2016 LAI values at the beginning of May were lower than in 2018 due to lower air temperatures and higher precipitation. In June 2018 high temperatures and low rainfall caused only slight increase of LAI values for wetland vegetation classes (even decrease in case of grasslands), while in June 2016 meteorological situation was more favourable for LAI increase.

Leaf Area Index – LAI based on NDII from Sentinel-2

Maps of LAI based on S-2 NDII for Biebrza test site and maps of LAI based on S-2 NDII with land cover for Biebrza test site.

Leaf Area Index – LAI based on NDII from Proba-V

Variability of LAI

Examples of variability of ground measured LAI within 2016 and 2018 vegetation periods for the selected points within wetlands area are presented below. The bar graphs showing high decrease of LAI  in mid-season reflect agricultural practices within test site (mowing).